Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Congressman David Vitter: The Expert Tea-bagger

Repugs are protesting against Obama over taxes and the role of government (even though most of them didn't oppose Bush's interventionist measures on the bailouts in the dying days of his Presidency, and with Obama's tax increase - which only affects those with higher incomes - the highest income tax rate will still be well below what it was under Reagan).

So guess who is the expert in tea-bagging? None other than David Vitter. Remember the Louisiana Senator who was a good customer of a Washington DC Madam... that is, until he got caught. Have Repugs bothered to Google tea-bagging and what it means.

Another supporter is Rush Limbaugh, an overweight fool who makes millions for being a big mouth. What is society coming to?

Another stanch supporter of the tea-bagging protest is Faux News (aka. False News, aka. "F" word News) which includes Glenn Beck who has to be clinically insane given the way he acts on his show.

All this is totally disgusting. The sad part is that it is taking dangerous turn and it may play into the hands of violent fascist types whose roots are in racism and bigotry. They are capable of creating chaos in society with dangerous consequences. I hope this evil will be nipped in the bud.

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