Thursday, April 09, 2009

Afghanistan War: The victims

I felt very sad when I saw the video on MSNBC. A 12 year old suicide bomber. This goes to tell you that if people have nothing to live for then they will easily volunteer to die. The Afghanistan war and I believe the Iraq war created such victims. Before we rush to judge Iraqi or Afghani culture and the faith, we must understand what we (the West) have done to them. For a while I thought that the Afghanistan war was justified because of 9/11 but now I have serious doubts as none of the hijackers were from Afghanistan. Neither were they from Iraq. The Afghanistan war was for some natural gas pipeline and now we know that the Iraq war was for oil. When will we learn from history? I suppose history also tells us that every empire ultimately falls. Last few decades the US has behaved in a manner that it has sown very fertile seeds for its demise.

UPDATE: It appears that the video is no longer on MSNBC's website. If I can find it again, I will post it.

UDPATE II: I found the video. Also a small correction, the boy is 11 years old, not 12.

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