Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stephen Harper is playing foul

Stephen Harper does not want to play by the rules - he went to the Governor General to get the prorogation rather than face a confidence vote. It is odd that the Governor General has approved prorogation without any preconditions, this is like putting a roadblock in the path of democracy. Harper does not have the support of the House. How long is Harper going to survive like this?

Does he not understand that in Canada we do not elect a Prime Minister, but that we elect a House and that the Member who has the majority of the House becomes the Prime Minister? Why does Harper not understand that? He was not given the mandate to become Prime Minister that he thinks he got.

If Canadians wanted to give him the mandate, they would have given him a majority. Now it is obvious that the majority of the House is not with him, he should thus do the right and honourable thing and step down.

Another month is not going to help him at all.

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