Monday, December 15, 2008

Stephen Harper: Emperor’s Crown or the noose?

As soon as Stephen Harper formed the government in early 2006, his head got too big. He assumed that he was the Emperor and he started wearing the crown. To access him (whether you were a citizen or the media) you had to go through a large bevy of courtiers. Only his master George W. Bush and fellow poodle of Britain, Tony Blair, had direct access to him.

Harper sneered at the opposition and democracy and kept playing his games. Then the Emperor wanted some more jewels in his crown and called an election in September 2008 hoping that he would become unchallenged ruler after that. It did not quite happen that way and he was left with another minority. The very first trick from his hat or crown was the Financial Update (or F.U.). The opposition could not roll over anymore and they challenged him. In response, Harper quickly prorogued Parliament. However, in the process Harper's head shrank back to its normal size and his crown instead became noose around his neck. It is hoped that this Emperor’s days are numbered.

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