Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stephen Harper: Is the game over?

Cats have nine lives they say but this one may be on its last one. Harper took too many perilous actions in the last session of Parliament, daring the opposition time and time again to bring his government down. Liberals wimped out and Harper basked in his successes – successes in his own mind that is. Then of course he was so confident to win a majority that he dissolved Parliament and called an election breaking his own fixed election date law. That majority did not happen and he is back to his old games. He has no interest in actually governing,

It looks this time the opposition is going to call his bluff and the ball game may be over, the cat squandered hislast life for nothing. It is hoped that Canadians will get lucky and this CON man will soon be gone.

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  1. Oh yes, let's hope this sick man is soon gone. He is destroying this country - along with cheap-trick Jim.

    Like the "little" guy peeking from around the corner. :)

    It sure didn't take Harper any longer than a heartbeat
    to get back to the only way he knows how to live - like a man gone insane & drunk for power.

  2. Penlan, agree that it is time to put an end to Harper's games once for all. Enough is enough.