Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah Palin Fashion

You must have heard by now that the McCain campaign spent over $150,000.00 on the fashion and image of Sarah Palin. What you might not know is that some of the dresses she bought, she has not yet worn in public ;) The above pictures show some examples ;)

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  1. Well done & very funny - lol!

  2. OOOOH! I should send you a pic of the crocheted Barbie toilet paper roll cover that I purchased at a church bazaar years ago. Very Sarah Palin.

  3. Thanks, penlan. Glad you liked the pic.

    deBeauxOs, may be next time I will use your pic. :)

  4. So they spent a few bucks on clothes . . . so what!!!
    The Bumma one has spent nearly a BILLION trying to get elected . . . word is he STILL MAY LOSE ON NOV 4!!!
    Who got the best value.
    Bonus . . . Sarah is not a Marxist . . . is not interested in "Sharing Your Wealth" as is Bumma.
    It has been said that Bumma is the candidate with the thinnest resume ever to run for Pres!!!

  5. Oldschool, apparently you flunked at your school. This campaign is for the office of the President and not for the fashion diva. I do not know where you got the figure of $1 billion. Hundreds of millions of U.S citizens are contributing to Obama’s campaign and that is true democracy. McCain’s donators are lobbyists.

    Oldschool, you need to go to 21st century school to get proper training in true democracy and also learn to show due respect to all candidates instead of using derogatory names. Rude behaviour reflects badly on your own persona.

  6. LeDaro,

    I find it interesting that in the past few days the Con trolls have been out in full force all over the Lib blogosphere. They got what they wanted - another Harper govt. - & yet they still seem to be highly dissatisfied. They are attacking with a vengeance, they are derogatory towards others, & can't seem to let go of the Con angry message & just move on.

    It seems they don't know how to do things in a different way with a different attitude. And I think it will never change. They are actually a disgrace to their chosen party & give most people in the blogosphere, & beyond, a terribly negative view of Conservatives. They appear to be incapable of balanced, intelligent discourse by their disrespect of anything & anyone who does not, fanatically, agree with them or sees things in a different light. It's sad really.

  7. Penlan, thank you for a very thoughtful comment. I agree with you. Some Con bloggers have serious problems as they take themselves too seriously. They believe that by denigrating others they can get their way. Quit the contrary. They not only hurt their own cause but also it is very poor reflection on them. May be one of these days they will grow up.