Thursday, September 04, 2008

Harper the King

Would you buy a used car from this man? Close to the last three years at 24 Sussex Drive has been shrouded in secrecy, under the thumb of the PMO. Neither the media nor the public had any idea as to how and what decisions were being made. When those decisions did become public, the CONS showed their true colours, for example on Income Trusts.

His escalation in Afghanistan has been deadly for Canadian soliders, it is heartbreaking to see the coffins of these brave soldiers coming home. This war is not helping Afghanistanis either, even Karzai has now criticized the arial bombardments which are killing Afghan civilians.

If Harper can behave like a king in a minority situation, imagine what will happen if he has a majority? An attempt has already begun to fool the public again with election flyers sent by mail, and the public is footing the bill.

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  1. I agree with you LeDaro but the Libs are also responsible for the extended mission in Afghanistan having worked together with the Cons on this. I wish they hadn't.

    I would so like to see one of your wonderful photos showing Harper in striped prison garb, with one of those silly little hats, behind bars, after Elections Canada proves their case of stealing from the taxpayer in the last election with the In & Out scheme.

  2. Penlan: I agree with you 100% that Libs should have not gone along. I have said that in the past.

    Picture? I will definitely consider doing it sometimes in future.

  3. Harper as King -- nicely done LeDaro.

    Too many Canadians think that he has kept his social conservative agenda off the table in an effort to woo the average voter. I say they are deceiving themselves.

    The censorship clause buried in an omnibus tax bill (C-10) is one example as are his contemptuous cuts to more than a handful of arts and culture programs on ideological grounds. Straight out the gate he reduced the Status of Women's budget and changed the wording in the mandate and program eligibility to shut out women's rights advocates from receiving any funding. Just recently we discovered that budget increases to the Department of Canadian Heritage were target to multicultural programs created to tackle Islamic youth radicalization!

    All these changes were made by stealth. There were no open, public consultations prior to these decisions.

  4. Beijing York, thank you for your comment. You are quite right about various issues. Moreover, the Court Challenge program was axed and Kelowna Accord was axed also.