Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic Party Convention: First Night

I thought there were some great moments and great speeches given. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s speech was remarkable. He is one to watch, he is up and coming and might replace Barack Obama in the Senate if Obama is elected President.

Then, of course, there was the speech by Michelle Obama. It was a very moving speech and brought many to tears when she talked about her first child and her husband’s devotion. All in all it was a winner and great closing speech for the night.

However, the most moving moment was when Ted Kennedy showed up. He did this against the advice of his doctors as his chemotherapy had lowered his immune system, thus making crowds a risk for him. He brought many to tears including his own clan. He made an extraordinary appeal for unity in the Democratic Party and praised Barack Obama profusely. I thought he stole the show. He also promised he would show up in January 2009 for Obama’s inauguration ceremony.

Ted Kennedy had his own problems in the past, but after 1980 he devoted his life full-time to the Senate and introduced many reforms. May he have great health and long life.

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  1. I know that he had problems when he was young, but he is still quite a decent good man. He is a Liberal more than a Democrat and is loved by many.

  2. Lizt, thank you for your comment.

    As usual I agree with you.