Friday, August 15, 2008

Condi Rice the Secretary of State - Global Problem Solver, not.

Some of my fellow bloggers have been unhappy with Condi Rice. You see, you have to understand her side. She has been working very hard and has been very busy on the Georgian file. She was so busy that she did not have time for personal grooming.

Ok, this Auntie Jemima (female Uncle Tom) has been totally useless. She is another puppet to Dick Cheney and Robert Gates and, in the past, Donald Rumsfeld. She is just thrilled being the Secretary of State. You know, she is a woman and black and that is quite a personal achievement for her. As far as she is concerned rest of the world can go to hell. I hope she calls it quits soon or at least calls it quits from public life after January 2009.

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