Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden it is!!!

It's an Obama-Biden ticket. Joe Biden is the confirmed veep for Obama. Biden has thirty-six years in the Senate. Is he the Washington insider who may resist change that is Obama's central theme? Time will tell. But right now this is the happy couple and they're off to the tracks for the race.

A quick visual.

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  1. Obama made a good choice with Biden as the VP nominee. A presidential candidate needs someone who is highly knowledgeable, can act as an alter-ego, not over-shadow the presidential candidate, and be qualified to take on the responsibility of president in case the president is no longer able to perform his duties.

    Hilary Clinton has all these except she would be an over-bearing presence either as a VP candidate or VP holder. She would come across as co-president rather than VP.

    Biden will be Obama's conscience when it comes to foreign policy issues. How will Obama deal with Iraq, Afghanistan, and Russia? Ask Biden.

  2. Dipper, I hope you're right in your assessment. Biden is also known to be a loose canon - a bit big mouth. I suppose McCain and him will compete as to who has more gaffes.

    Moreover, he is very conservative in some social issues as he was initially against school bussing. Then he voted for Iraq war. Later on he voted for more funding for the war while Obama, Hillary Clinton and some other prominent Democrats voted against it.

    May be Obama did a favour to Hillary Clinton. If he wins two terms then Biden will be 73 by then and no threat to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    Anyway time will tell how it goes.