Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bill Gates Retires From Microsoft – Will He Reshape the World Through His Philanthropy Work?

Bill Gates is unique, a revolutionary in his own right. He took the globe and put it on our computer screens – in effect, he made our global village an even smaller place. It’s extraordinary how we can now communicate anywhere in the World through the Internet.

True, many other people were also involved in the development of the Internet, but Bill Gates’ role was key.

Like millions of others, I use Windows software. I started with Basic Windows, and then upgraded to Windows 95. However, when I upgraded to Windows 98, I began to have problems with the software. So I started writing e-mails to Microsoft day in and day out. I was then surprised to receive a call from Seattle, from a tech support person there, who called to help me with my problem. She said she’d remain on the phone until all the problems with my software were solved. She also called back a couple of times afterwards to make sure my Windows program was working properly.

I was impressed, this was very responsive service, especially for a large organization.

I’ve heard that Microsoft is a unique company in that if any employee has a child with special needs, Microsoft will provide all the costs needed for their treatment including educational costs. This is a very good example set by Microsoft.

It’s of course true that Bill Gates and Microsoft have been accused of monopolistic business practices, but this kind of corporate behavior is common to most big corporations, and Microsoft is paying the penalty for following these practices.

To conclude, I wish all the best for Bill Gates and his wife in their philanthropy efforts as they tackle many of the World’s problems including poverty and AIDS.

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