Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Immigration policy: Minorities Need Not Apply

How far will the Harper Government go to implement its Reform Party agenda? What are Dion and company going to do... "we disagree but will let it pass."?

Harper wants to take us back half a century. Are Canadians going to just sit back and watch? We are in a global community. Even Bush has a more liberal immigration policy because the checks and balances in the United States are stronger. Harper is being a control-freak, he wants all the control which, in this case, means giving all the power in immigration policy to the Minister of Immigration.

Harper will stop at nothing and knows how to go for the Opposition's jugular and get away with it.

Tories trying to reform immigration by stealth, Liberals say
Changes in budget bill reintroduce discrimination in system, contends legal community.
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  1. I think you're taking it a bit far, no?

  2. Jason, which part - Harper implementing Reform agenda or Liberals not providing effective opposition.