Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lou Dobbs of CNN - the cone head

CNN has fairly smart commentators, so why they keep on a schmuck like Lou Dobbs is mind boggling.

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  1. I think Glen Beck is by far the worst on CNN. Lies and neo con spin sanctioned by CNN.

  2. You may be quite right. I do not watch CNN that extensively. Only the Situation Room and towards the end Wolf Blitzer gives a short interview of Dobbs. I do not even watch his segment. I do not have a clue who Glen Beck is but I will look for him next time.

  3. CNN brought in Beck cause their ratings were falling through the basement . . .
    Dobs is an interesting guy . . . don't agree with everything he says but he gets his point across.
    Whoman . . . tell us about all Beck's lies . . . watched him for months, don't recall any.
    Maybe you don't like his stand on Illegal Immigrants, Political Prisoners like Compeos and Raymon . . . or how he makes light of the lefty loosers in Hollyweird.
    Of course he must have angered you when he exposed Obamawhama as the total fruitcake that he is.
    Tell us all about it . . . can hardly wait!!!

  4. Whoman?? Come on Oldschool, some respect!
    Here is what I have against Lou Dobbs. He is too self-righteous. He was giving preview of his segment to Wolf Blitzer and said that McCain did not know what the hell he was talking about, conservatives would never trust him (may be I should agree there). And that Obama was only speeches and no substance and finally about Hillary Clinton he said think about Bill Clinton 4 to 8 years more in the Whitehouse. Then he said there were never so mediocre candidates for the president – all three of them. My God is he the only one who is brilliant? The guy is a cone-head. He has this miserable annoying smirk on his face that someone should slap him hard to bring him back to earth. The other commentator I know nothing about, however, he sounds like that he should be on the Fox News Network.