Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stephane Harper and Stephen Dion: Meet the conjoined twins.

Whatever happened to the Official Opposition and Government in Waiting?

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  1. This is NOT funny! I wouldn't want to be a twin of Harper if someone paid me. I see Ipsos has a poll that says 81% did not want an election. I think Dion does, but the party does not. I really do not think the Cons want one..probably heaving a sigh of relief

  2. Lizt, I knew you would not like this picture. However, too much has gone on. Harper Party was willing to bribe Cadman to bring Liberals down but with our current leader opposite is true. Billions of dollars are spent on Afghanistan and abundant loss of human life. What is Canada getting out of it other than pleasing George W. Bush?

    I do not know about any poll but people had it with Harper government. You have Mulroney/ Schreiber fisco, Cadman, Budget, Afghanistan, environment and many other issues. Harper government can be brought down on each one of these issues. Any other opposition leader would have politically slaughtered Harper by now but Mr. Dion is doing next to nothing. Where is Pierre Trudeau or Chretien when you need them? I am not impressed. There is a problem with the party or the leader. It is too much for Canadians to bear.

  3. I Get what you mean. With Harper suing the Liberals, the Cadman affair will be in the spotlight for some time..there are many things going on with the Conservatives, right now that people will forget and believe Harper's lying "lily-white" Government. no matter what they say. I am down too, but I am a Liberal..I really liked Trudeau! in a million!
    Dion could call an election anytime but the big brass say no...not enough money for one. I would like to know who is really responsible for all this. Things make me feel down , too. I do not like the NDP, trying, along with Harper to get rid of the Liberal party. I think we have to grin and bear it, and hope the By elections make us feel better.