Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Maxime Bernier and Denis Coderre in Afghanistan

Is the Harper government hiding something about Afghanistan?

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  1. Yes LeDaro..they are hiding Canadian govt run concentration camps, supplying troops for the oil pipeline,running Karzais govt for him and prisoner torture..just ask Khaderre, he has all the answeres for you..prepared in advance!

    Seriously, what do you think they are hiding? really?

  2. I think that Coderre had more to hand out than little cakes.
    Bernier reminds me of a tall woman, and not too sharp, in mind, Geez, that drawer will be getting full of dull knives, soon. I hope Coderre finds out something. I hope none of the troops he met were from Blackwater training, or he might as well have stayed home!

  3. kursk, besides some of the exaggerations, what you say applies. If you think Canadian troops and for that matter other NATO troops are rebuilding Afghanistan then think again. You just do not send most deadly weapons and equipment to do diplomacy and rebuilding.

    Lizt, Coderre is on fact finding mission and looks Harper government does not like it. They just like to paint a rosy picture only.