Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hidden Agenda: Will the Real Harper please come out

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  1. A regular Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I think Harper has a bit of Stalin and Adolf in him or a Straussian. All I know, is he has one sneaky side to him

  2. Stalin and Adolf were both committed Marxists and Socialists . . . how does that relate???
    You are comparing Mr. Harper, who thinks small government and low taxes are important, to those ultra-lefties/progressives???
    Go back and read your history books, preferable the ones written before the 70's.

  3. He may not be Stalin or Adolf but if he wins a majority then watch out - the Reform agenda may come out of the closet.

  4. Do you think the reform agenda will save Ontario???
    Lower taxes, more individual initiative, personal responsibility . . . . or is that too much for a apron-string lefty???

  5. All we need is a come-back of the Neoconservatism agenda. Poor get poorer and rich get richer.

  6. When the tide rises it raises all the boats . . . except for the socialist scow on the tide flats full of holes!!!
    It is a fact that when the economy improves all those wishing to make an effort can improve their lives. Of course if collecting a welfare cheque is your goal in life . . .
    Your class-warfare lefty stuff belongs in the 60's . . . it was BS then it is BS now . . .
    It has been proven time and time again that handouts, govt programs and welfare create poverty and create generational dependency.

  7. Oldschool, you sound very agitated and angry at the world. That is not good for your heart and blood pressure. It is the widening chasm between the rich and the poor which gives rise to all kinds of societal problems and unrest.

    I have never collected any welfare in my life and I have no intention of doing it now. I pay more than my share of taxes. However I do believe in a just society.

  8. The Dr. Jekyll (Hitler), Mr. Hyde (Stalin)... Harper, pretending to be a little bit of a Socialist, while he teally is more like Hitler. Both were dictators

  9. I woulnd't waste your time looking for informed political views on this blog, Oldschool.

    There be idiots here.

  10. Jim, there you go again calling names, sir.

    Lizt, Harper may have the tendencies of Stalin and Adolf but he cannot put those tendencies in practise in a minority situation, however, give him majority and then watch out.

  11. Your problem is LeDaro, you do not confront the issues or offer logical points of view. Instead you comment about Oldschool's blood pressure.

    If you want to be taken seriously, act like it.

    Btw, it would be pretty tough to have a dictatorship in Canada...we have elections. The Liberals grip on power over the last 13 years felt more like a dictatorship too me.

    I am not going to waste my efforts and Lizt can keep pulling each others wire in your lefty dreamworld, devoid of facts or logical thinking.

    Those of us that really care wiil be busy trying to better this country.

  12. Jim,"..trying to better this country.." as long you do that it is ok with me.

    Cons should try and overcome the problem of short fuse and name-calling. It does not help anybody or the argument and does cause blood pressure and heart problems :)

  13. LeDaro, if my fuse is short, it is from trying to have reasonable dicussions with a brick wall.

    So many of you on the left just put your fingers in your ears or worse you drag out your manta of Bushisms and hidden agendas.

    I think deep down all Canadians just want to make our country better, more prosperous and more tolerant. To do this we need to inform ourselves and discuss the issues, no matter which party is in power. I know conservatives are not blameless, but it seems to me that the left has a much harder time doing this. And as such comes across as far more radical.

    I don't deal well with radicals.

  14. Jim, fair enough. I suppose I am a brick wall for you and you are a brick wall for me.

    It is war in Iraq and Afghanistan where innocent civilians, by the hundreds of thousands, are being killed and with that I have a major problem. Now Chretien says, in his book, that Martin messed up in Afghanistan. May be that is true but Harper should and must have done something about it. These are few examples. List is long.

    Moreover, I do not much care for Cons' social agenda. Abandoning Legal Challenges and Childcare funds was a major turn off for me.

    Let us say we agree to disagree that is fine with me.