Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fred Thompson's campaign commercial ;)

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  1. I don't mind Fred Thompson, but I am a Ron Paul kinda guy.

    He would stand the US on its ear!

  2. I find Fred Thompson more scary than Mitt Romney. While both are hard-core conservatives at least Romney could not win in a general election whereas Thompson could. Americans seem to love celebrities and his star power might just be enough to put someone who otherwise couldn't be elected over the top.

  3. Sad when "star power" wins over sound policy.

    This is related, and will make you chuckle..

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  5. Jim, I do not know that much about Ron Paul. However, I believe Rudy Giuliani may get the Republican's nod. He does have his distractors though.

    Miles Lunn, your reasoning is good however Fred Thompson is no Ronald Reagan. His association with Watergate and Richard Nixon may hurt him. Again I will bet my dollar on Rudy Giuliani.

  6. Sadly, Ron Paul will NEVER win the nomination.

    Google him and look at what he stands for...dismantling the IRS, pulling out of NATO and the UN...and he is a gynocologist, my kinda guy! ;)