Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Harper: The EnvironMENTALIST at the United Nations

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  1. Harper is a complete embarrassment to our country. I don't think Gore thought too much of this and Harper was yawning, when Arnold gave his speech.

  2. Lizt, I agree. When it comes to environment Harper is a dead loss. But then what is he good at?

  3. Yea, 'cause the Libs did SO MUCH for the environment when they had the chance!!

    The Liberal hypocrisy is the true embarrassment here.

  4. Platty, you have nice pics of your backyard on your blog.

    To give an excuse that others did not do well so it is ok. In 2006 Canadians elected, barely, Mr. Harper. Should he not take on the lead and fill in the gaps instead of creating bigger chasm in environment protection?