Monday, May 28, 2007

Proposed refinery approved

In the blink of an eye, John Baird approves the Irvings' proposed second Oil Refinery in Saint John, NB without any Enviromental Impact Assessment.

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  1. No environmental impact assessment? Got a source on that?

  2. Isn't the federal assessment only for waterways issues?

    A provincial one would cover everything else.

    When your just expanding a previously assessed business, isn't it logical that the old assessment couldn't just be scaled up for the new project?

  3. Yes, no EIA by Feds and it does come under Feds' jurisdiction. Province says it will carry out EIA, since Feds copped out, but experts say that since province lacks jurisdiction it cannot do half-decent job.

  4. Kyle G. Olsen, it is federal jurisdiction. New federal environment plan gives exemption for first three years of a new project of this kind. Which is a cop out.