Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And the Fossil Award Goes To...

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  1. But she's cute and has the funkiest Rosa Klebb shoes

  2. Anonymous1:09 pm

    and nice hair!

  3. Anonymous1:28 pm

    We shouldn't be so proud, a liberal government at the same conference would ge tthe same award.

  4. Agreed, she is a knock out:)

  5. Why are Kyoto targets on the front page of every newspaper, the lead story on almost every TV station and the bulk of Liberal blogs I read? During the Liberals tenure, greenhouse gases increased over 30% and they were still climbing last year, yet the media never muttered a single word about how terrible Liberals handled the environment file. The Conservatives have had the file less than a year and everybody is jumping down their throats to do something. Is the media biased? You damn right they are.

  6. I thought Paul Martin still held the title for his gas-guzzling campaign plane. A nice parallel to the Liberals' Kyoto words/deeds!

  7. Its all Rona's fault that Chretien and Martin were total disasters!!!
    The Libs negotiated us the largest Kyoto giveback, then since the 90's we have increased the population by a couple of million, done nothing about so-called GW and now its big news.
    The libs are clueless, Kyoto is bad science, would never happen today. Algore is the evangelical leader of the movement.

    Good Read on Algore’s movie . . .

  8. Harper was elected to bring in change. Change for the better. So far it has has not happened and environment is one of those areas. We need to look at what Harper government's mandate is - change from what did not work in the past.

  9. I agree that the previous Liberal government didn't have a great record on the environment, but at least Canada was involved with Kyoto and an international team player - under Harper, Canada's position on Kyoto has become an international laughingstock.

    That being said, if the Liberals form the next government they will have to do better. I am optimistic about this though as the four leading candidates have all emphasized environmental issues. Even during the last Martin minority government, the Liberals seemed to be coming around on this.

    Layton's breaking with the opposition to the Clean Air Act hasn't helped matters much either. For him, short term political gain seems to be more important than the longterm interests of Canadians.